Islam Case Studies

Indonesian firefighters in Borneo

Environmental Fatwas of Indonesia

There is growing consensus among Muslims that they must respond to climate change, partially because many majority Muslim countries are already feeling effects of the crisis.


Members of Sisters in Islam walking down a street

Malaysia's Sisters in Islam (SIS)

In the mid-1980s, women in Kuala Lumpur began holding a Qur’anic study circle. They called themselves Sisters in Islam.


Keith Elison being sworn in to Congress on a Qu'ran
Attorney General Keith Ellison is sworn in at the Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul MN. Photo by Lorie Shaull. Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

African American Muslims

As a dual minority in both race and religion, African American Muslims have often been subject to discrimination.


Egyptian protest in 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

A historical look at the Muslim Brotherhood and its influential role in Egypt.


Satellite orbiting the Earth

Muslims in Outer Space

Space travel can create several interesting challenges for Muslims, because some common Islamic practices are tied to geography on Earth or the orbits of celestial bodies.