Judaism Case Studies

Climate march in NYC

Jews and Fossil Fuel Exploration

While climate change concerns most Jews, many have complex views regarding fossil fuel exploration.


A group of woemn reading the Torah in front of the Wall

The Women of the Wall

Formed in 1988, WoW has advocated for the right of women to pray in ways forbidden by the administrators of Jerusalem's Western Wall.


Abraham Heschel and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Racial Identity of US Jews

For many Jews, America has been a land of both opportunity and persecution. This ambiguity is reflected in Jewish racial identity.


Israeli missle defense rocket launch

Jews and Nuclear Weapons

The vast majority of Jews agree that nuclear weapons should be a last resort, but many Jews, especially in Israel, have religiously justified them.


Bottle of juice labeled Kosher for Passover

Kashrut and Genetically Modified Food

In the 21st century, some Jews have become concerned about whether genetically modified (GM) foods are kosher.