Religion and Public Life at Harvard Divinity School

We educate leaders on the civic necessity of understanding religion to build a just world at peace. Faculty Director Diane L. Moore shares the four principles informing every aspect of our work.

HDS Visiting Professor Cornell William Brooks. Photo: Tom Fitzsimmons.

For Professionals

Find resources, training, and support for practitioners. Deepen your understanding of how religion and culture intersect with your field of interest, including education, journalism, government, humanitarian action, organizing and activism, and entertainment media.

Two students looking out at a city landscape, silhouetted by the sunset

For Students

Apply to the new Master of Religion and Public Life or Certificate in Religion and Public Life at HDS. Join the RPL academic community and find courses, support, and vocational resources for students at HDS and across Harvard University.

Students gathered outside the Memorial Church in Harvard Yard with Widener library in the background

For Educators

Find resources, training, and support for educators in all disciplines. Deepen your ability to teach the intersections between religion, culture, and core curriculum with resources on teaching religion in context.

Voices: RPL at Work in the World

Former RPL Fellow in Education Monika Johnston describes how RPL gave her students tools to assess their own frame of reference and to build the trust required to actively listen to the perspective of another.

Explore the full Voices collection, where our fellows describe how the RPL Approach has informed, transformed, and affirmed their work across a number of professions.




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Doctors examine a woman in an African clinic setting

Religious Literacy and the Professions

Religious Literacy and the Professions collaborates with professionals working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance a deeper understanding of the complex influences of religions in modern human affairs.

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Religion, Conflict, and Peace

Religion, Conflict, and Peace brings the full resources of Harvard to empower scholars, students, the public, and professionals to address the most complex conflicts facing the world today.