Our Impact

Failure to understand the power of religion has detrimental consequences across all sectors and endeavors, from local to international levels. Religion and Public Life prepares visionary leaders to confront these consequences by redefining engagement with religion in the public square – mitigating the destructive capacity of religion and enhancing its power to generate compassion, beauty, and justice. We measure our success by how well we are able to advance the public understanding of religion across multiple sectors, creating new opportunities and resources for students, professionals and life-long learners to develop, critically reflect and act upon a deeper understanding of religion in service of a just world at peace.


Hear how the RPL experience has informed, transformed, and affirmed our fellows’ work.

The Kalighat Temple in Kolkata

Case Study: Internet Pujas

Many Hindus practice the puja, a form of worship in which they experience a moment of connection with a deity. Online puja services give global access to Hindu temples.

Teacher at the front of a class full of high school students
Illinois high school teacher John Camardella is piloting a religious studies curriculum developed by the Divinity School's Religious Literacy Project. Photo by Zach Miller

Impact Story: Religious Education through New Eyes

Fellow in Education John Camardella, a teacher at Prospect High School in Illinois, helps his students use fashion, space, and travel to understand world faiths.