Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative

Through Religious Literacy and the Professions, we collaborate with educators and other professionals working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance a deeper understanding of the complex influences of religions in modern human affairs. We offer resources, training and support to professionals working at local, national, and global levels.   

Our longstanding work with educators on teaching religious literacy is both the historical and methodological foundation of our programming. By helping students understand the complex roles religions play in both history and contemporary affairs, educators can train students to be active participants in building a more just and peaceful society. 

In addition to educators, we partner with professionals in journalism, government, humanitarian action, organizing and activism, and media and entertainment. Professionals in these fields routinely engage religious individuals and communities in their work and they work within a society deeply shaped by religion. We collaborate with leaders in these fields to discern and establish best practices for engaging religion and we offer opportunities to students to explore potential careers in these fields. 

Four students in a classroom working on laptops


K-12 and community college educators

Refugee children standing in line

Humanitarian Action

Public health officials, program staff and analysts in NGOs, IGOs, and government agencies, community leaders, global health advocates

Collage of images showing religious elements in TV and Movie stills

Entertainment Media

Scriptwriters, producers, and executives

Stack of newspapers


Reporters, editors, publishers in traditional and new media

Naturalization Ceremony with new citizens holding hands up as they swear their oath


Local government officials and foreign service officers 

Coming Soon overlaid on image of crowd of people and monks in Myanmar.

Organizing and Activism

Electoral and community organizers



Reem Atassi

Coordinator, Religion, Conflict, and Peace Initiative
Coordinator, Religious Literacy in the Professions Initiative
RPL Visiting Fellow Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward

Associate Director of the Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative