Dr. Diane Moore in a red jacket in front of a bookshelf

Diane L. Moore

Faculty Director, Religion and Public Life
Lecturer on Religion, Conflict, and Peace
Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions


Diane L. Moore is the founding faculty director of...

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Reem Atassi

Coordinator, Religion, Conflict, and Peace Initiative
Coordinator, Religious Literacy in the Professions Initiative


Reem Atassi coordinates Religion, Conflict, and Peace, RPL's joint initiative with the Kennedy School of Government that addresses...

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judy beals.

Judy Beals

Program Director


Judy Beals is the Program Director of Religion and Public Life. She is responsible for strategic planning, fundraising, program development, external relations and oversight of day-to-day operations of the RPL.... Read more about Judy Beals

navi hardin

Navi Hardin

Staff Assistant


Navi leads overall business administration for RPL programs and initiatives. He is responsible for internal systems, financial...

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RPL Visiting Fellow Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward

Associate Director of the Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative


Susan Hayward is the Associate Director for the Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative (RLPI) which advances an ambitious...

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Anna Mudd

Anna Mudd

Program Specialist


Anna Mudd is responsible for overall program coordination of the RPL and for co-leading Religious Literacy and the Professions' work...

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Hilary Rantisi

Hilary Rantisi

Associate Director of the Religion, Conflict, and Peace Initiative


Hilary Rantisi is the Associate Director of the Religion, Conflict and Peace Initiative (RCPI)—an initiative of Religion and...

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