For Professionals

Find resources, training, and support for practitioners in a variety of fields, including education, journalism, government, humanitarian action, organizing and activism, and entertainment media. Deepen your understanding of the intersections between religion, culture, and your field of interest. Learn from best practices and explore case studies. Expand your network of advocates for understanding, justice, and peace in your field and beyond. Browse our work on Religious Literacy and the Professions.


Four students in a classroom working on laptops


K-12 and community college educators

Collage of images showing religious elements in TV and Movie stills

Entertainment Media

Scriptwriters, producers, and executives

Naturalization Ceremony with new citizens holding hands up as they swear their oath


Local government officials and foreign service officers 

Refugee children standing in line

Humanitarian Action

Public health officials, program staff and analysts in NGOs, IGOs, and government agencies, community leaders, global health advocates

Stack of newspapers


Reporters, editors, publishers in traditional and new media

Coming Soon overlaid on image of crowd of people and monks in Myanmar.

Organizing and Activism

Electoral and community organizers




EJ Dionne lecturing at HDS

Master of Religion and Public Life

A one-year graduate program designed for experienced professionals.

RPL fellow Mario Cader-Frech smiles from a Harvard chair.

Connect with RPL Fellows

Meet the dynamic community of professionals working to promote deeper understanding of religion in their fields in service of a just world at peace.

HDS faculty talking to each other during an exec ed program

Continuing and Executive Education

Short seminars exploring some of the world’s biggest questions with leading HDS scholars and professors of religion.