A robust understanding of culture and a sophisticated grasp of the changing nature of political power require that we consider how religion is embedded in any given cultural moment. At the RLP we believe that when people understand the vital, but often unacknowledged, role religion plays in political and cultural endeavors we gain tools to make better-informed decisions about our public life and common good. To this end, we seek to partner with government officials at the local, state, and national levels to enhance better literacy about religion. 

Voices: Shaun Casey

Fellow in Government, 2018-2020

Students need institutions that aid them in their “vocational call to change the world.” HDS answers that call, Shaun Casey says, by training students to think in a “deeper, more sophisticated way.”

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In Practice

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Read studies of government officials navigating real-world cases involving questions of religious literacy.

Best Practices

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Key lessons and questions for government officials to consider as they apply religious literacy in the field.

Additional Reading and Resources

Reading lists and more resources for government officials seeking to understand how religion shapes the world and their careers.