Minority in America

Group of American Hindus meeting with a Senator

Hindus in American Textbooks

In the early 2000s, some American Hindus organized to stop perceived discrimination against them in American public school books.


Abraham Heschel and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Racial Identity of US Jews

For many Jews, America has been a land of both opportunity and persecution. This ambiguity is reflected in Jewish racial identity.


Black and white photo of a Japanese internment camp in the US

Buddhism in Japanese-American Internment Camps

Buddhists—the majority of the Japanese-American community—were particularly singled out in this period of internment.

Keith Elison being sworn in to Congress on a Qu'ran
Attorney General Keith Ellison is sworn in at the Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul MN. Photo by Lorie Shaull. Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

African American Muslims

As a dual minority in both race and religion, African American Muslims have often been subject to discrimination.


Christian Science Temple in Boston

Christian Scientists in the Courts

Though small, the Christian Science community in the United States has had many controversial interactions with the legal system.