Fellows partner with Religion and Public Life to advance principles of religious literacy in their fields. Explore how the RPL experience has informed, transformed, and affirmed how our fellows connect to their work for a just world at peace.

Religious Literacy for Social Justice

Greg Khalil
Co-founder and President of Telos Group

Religious literacy is one of the “most urgent issues that anyone serious about social justice can undertake.” An RPL fellowship gave Greg Khalil the space to critically think about his work. Khalil Interview Transcript

Frameworks of Inquiry

Monika Johnston
World History Educator, Packer Collegiate Institute, New York

In times of conflict, assumptions about others can lead to even more conflict. Monika Johnston says RPL gave her students tools to assess their own frame of reference and a drive to actively listen to the perspective of another.
Johnston Interview Transcript

Answering a Call for Change

Shaun Casey
Former Special Representative for Religion and Global Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Students need institutions that aid them in their “vocational call to change the world.” HDS answers that call, Shaun Casey says, by training students to think in a “deeper, more sophisticated way.” Casey Interview Transcript

Going Beyond the Textbook

John Camardella
World Religions Educator, Prospect High School, Illinois

John Camardella’s students have learned how to go beyond the textbook and embrace the “complex ways that religions function in the human experience.” Camardella Interview Transcript

Partnerships in Humanitarian Action

Tara Gingerich
Senior Humanitarian Researcher, Oxfam America

Talking with, and learning about, local religious leaders is a vital aspect of successful humanitarian efforts around the world according to Tara Gingerich. After a fellowship with RPL, she saw a fuller picture centered on religious literacy. Gingerich Interview Transcript

Advocating for Religious Literacy in Media

Mario Cader-Frech
Former SVP, Public Affairs and Social Responsibility, Viacom International

“I only thought religion existed to be religious. Now I feel like I am this advocate in looking at how religion is everywhere.” Cader-Frech Interview Transcript