RCPI Educational Opportunities

RCPI takes an innovative approach to educating emerging leaders to help them craft contextualized approaches to understanding and resolving conflict. A full year course sequence combines classroom and experiential education with an opportunity to develop and implement projects in the contexts where RCPI works. RCPI also offers students the chance to engage with its programming and research in Cambridge throughout the year. The foundation of these opportunities is a dynamic community of faculty, practitioner fellows, and students from across Harvard University, as well as participation from the public and local communities in conflict contexts.

Dianne Moore teaching class with powerpoint screen showing Religious Literacy definition

Course Sequence

A full year learning experience for students, combining curricular, experiential, co-curricular and fieldwork.

Two students looking out at a city landscape, silhouetted by the sunset

Experiential Education

RCPI immerses students in a conflict situation to learn about the context and the broader theory and practice of just peacebuilding.

Student at a historic site, writing in a notebook

Internships and Research

RCPI students learn peacebuilding by doing, with organizations in RCPI's case study areas.