Latin America

Prosperity Gospel, The

The Prosperity Gospel (PG) is a fast-growing theologically conservative movement frequently associated with Pentecostalism, evangelicalism, and charismatic Christianity that emphasizes believers’ abilities to transcend poverty and/or illness through devotion and positive confession. The PG is popular among impoverished communities, where at best it is considered to offer the poor a means of imagining and reaching for better lives (at times accompanied by sound financial advice), and at worst is criticized as predatory and manipulative, particularly when churches or pastors require heavy...

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Vatican II

Vatican II is a theological reform movement that took place in the Catholic Church post-WWII, reflecting changes in the world as former colonies became independent and during which many saw the rise of authoritarian dictators. The Church became increasingly involved in issues of social justice and poverty, emphasizing a shift away from dogma and towards a direct engagement with social justice. Vatican II and its “liberation theology” profoundly impacted not only the Catholic Church, but Protestant churches as well.